Step Up Your Game. The Stinky Footboard gives you four extra game play actions.


We’re gamers and we’re passionate about it.

We use the best keyboards and the best mice, but we wanted more! We wanted more focus, better execution, we wanted more APM, and more control over the action without sacrificing gameplay! Whether you’re in the heat of battle where every millisecond counts or just playing for fun with friends we realized ten fingers just didn’t cut it anymore.

The best keyboards and mice, no matter how precise or quick the movements, only allow you to use your fingers. That’s the real limitation! Games now require you to memorize and use 20 to 30 keys plus the mouse! Even proficient players cannot do more than 3-4 actions without losing control of their character.

So that got us thinking on how to integrate more buttons using your feet.



Stinkyboard will change the way you game. Get onboard.