Step Up Your Game. The Stinky Footboard gives you four extra game play actions.

CNET - Product Review

Stinky Footboard gives your PC gaming foes agony of the feet

"What I especially liked about using the Stinky board is that it lent a smoother, more automatic flow to my gameplay. I didn't have to think about where the sprint key was. For more obscure commands on more obscure keys, you can also save yourself from taking your eyes off the action. Pressing down with my foot for the most part felt surprisingly natural. If virtual-reality headsets like the forthcoming Oculus Rift ever take off, gamers won't have the ability to look down at their keyboards. In that event, a no-look product like the Stinky Footboard might even become essential." - Rich Brown



Stinkyboard will change the way you game. Get onboard.